Come thrift with me at The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Lake Forest, Episode 2

Everyone wants to save money. Shopping at your local Salvation Army Family Thrift Store is not only the perfect place to find clothes that are affordable but sometimes rare finds too! 

Grace takes us to The Salvation Army Family Thrift Store in Lake Forest, California, to find some pretty cool graphic tees!

Watch now to get some ideas on creative choices you can make from your own local Salvation Army Family Thrift Store.

Read the transcript of the video here:

Grace: Hey guys, it’s Grace here again with Share Change. If you haven’t checked out our last episode on thrifting, go ahead and check that out, right now. But today, we are going to be thrifting at The Salvation Army family thrift store in Lake Forest, [California]. So, come along and see what we can find. 

There’s so much in here, I don’t even know where to start. So we’re just going to start browsing. So everything here is color-coded so it makes it really easy to find stuff. We have pinks, oranges…a lot of whites, blacks, tank-tops… This looks like it’s multi-colored. Gray…Black long sleeves…pants. These look like they could work. And they seem to have a lot of good jean options here unlike the other location that didn’t have that many pants. 

I’m finding so many P.E. shirts that have people’s names on them. This is like Captain America, that’s kind of cool. My arms hurt from having to push everything.

Sign reads: “Your donations make a difference in people’s lives.”

So, if you’re wondering what this sign means, The Salvation Army is not only a thrift store, they also have many programs that help those that are in need. From homeless shelters to drug and rehab treatment facilities—your purchase and your donations help make a difference. 

It looks like we’re going to find a lot of good things today. That’s kind of cool, a little Lakers tee-shirt. It’s a little bit big, but I guess you could tuck it into pants or something. You kind of have to see things and be like, “Can I cut this? Could I make this so that it would fit me?” Don’t discount something because it’s too big for you. This one’s also kind of cool too, it’s an army tee. And I really like graphic tees, so this one you could also cut and make it so that it would fit me. There’s a lot of old college tee-shirts, probably when people graduate or drop out they just donate all of their stuff. 

Let’s move on to another section. So here we have dresses, I’m going to look through these. That’s kind of cool, for a super fancy occasion. It’s $12.99 and this is vintage, so someone probably actually wore this to a regular party. I don’t need any pajamas, but if you were to need pajamas they have a ton here! 

These are a few of the things that I found and I’m excited to try them on and show you guys. So, this is the first top that I picked out today. So this one is just white, it’s flowy. Then, I paired it with these jeans that I found. I feel like this is a great find. I liked how this outfit paired together and I think it’s going to work super well. So then this is another one of the black shirts that I found and I still have it on with the same pair of pants. They’re the only pants that I have in here, but this one is super nice and super basic. You could wear it with jeans, with shorts, with literally anything. So I really like this top, super cute, super fun. So, I think it’s going to make a great addition. Now this dress is the super fun, kind of flapper dress that we picked out. I actually really like it. I think it’s really cool. It’s actually vintage, so someone probably wore it a long time ago going to an actual party that had this kind of dress code. 

So, this is really cute and it’s $12, which is actually a great deal for something of this quality. So, this is one of the many graphic tees that I picked out. I really like graphic tees, they’re one of my favorite things. This one, I think, is from a school in Texas and it’s got this cool orange writing. So, this is another cool shirt. It’s a United States Olympic team, so it has those olympic rings on it. I hope an olympian wore it, that’d be super cool! I kind of like the message it has, so it’s really cool. I have it on with the same pair of jeans and this is a cool little outfit. 

Another red shirt, this is a college tee-shirt it says, Stanford Medicine. It looks super cute with these pants. You could tuck it in, leave it out, or you could also cut this one. Another cool graphic tee, now this one says California on it with kind of yellow writing on it, with the same pants again. 

I’d say you could say I really like graphic tees because they’re so easy to throw on. I love dressing easily in the morning. So, all of these shirts run from like $1 to $2 which is super nice because big stores will sell these for a lot more. 

Last but not least, we have some good old basketball gear. This is a Los Angeles Lakers shirt, and honestly I’ve never been to a Lakers game but I hear they’re pretty good. So this is cool because if you were invited to a game, you always kind of want to rep the team that you are going for. This shirt is I think $3 and you can buy these literally upwards of $30, so it’s a great deal. If you are going to go to a game in the near future and you don’t want to spend all that money on a shirt, you can still rep the team. This one’s really cool and I really like it.

Thank you guys so much for joining me on our thrifting shopping trip today. Be sure to check out your local Salvation Army Family Thrift Store and see what kind of great deals you can find.

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