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by Eda Hokom, Lt. Colonel –

We rejoice in the evident results of the “Come Join Our Army” emphasis. Since June of 2007, through December of 2009, the Western Territory has enrolled 1677 Junior Soldiers and 2,180 senior soldiers, bringing the territory to an army of 22,223 soldiers strong. Our “Army” of soldiers, adherents, and volunteers led by Christ our Commander are having a mighty impact on our world. Read the stories in the New Frontier and you will get a glimmer of changed lives, renewed commitments, and acceptance of leadership responsibilities as well as unique new avenues of outreach

So what is next? We as Salvationists need to promote:
Continued Outreach & evangelism
Continued Enrollment of soldiers (Let’s aim for over 4,000 soldiers by June- 2010)
Continued spiritual growth
Continued outreach to the community through our social services.

As all Armies need consistent training to be effective, our emphasis this year is training, education, and preparation for ministry. The January Boot Camp with 500 in attendance, great guest speakers and 70 workshop options launched this effort. During Commissioning weekend, the Saturday events include 8 training opportunites for learning new skills or sharpening those you already have. Sunday morning at Commissioning also includes Sunday school classes for all ages with adult classes taught in English by Major Lee Lecanto and in Spanish by Majors Elicio and Darlan Marques. Also available to each local corps are numerous TEAM seminars to enhance leadership skills

A new edition of the “Come Join Our Army “ booklet , written directly for the youth, has been completed and was first distributed during the Urbana missions conference. Hopefully this will be one more tool to reach the youth of today. The adult and youth version are available for your use.

In 2010 let’s continue to teach, and train. This is not a time to say “whew” that is done, I can relax. We have done really well.

No, this is a time to take a deep breath- rejoice in what has happened, plan the next part of the journey and eagerly anticipate what God has prepared for the future.

Evaluate needed changes and embrace new challenges and opportunities such as:
What do we do now; our building is getting to small
Our Sunday school is so large and we have only a few leaders
The community has discovered us and wants to get involved with our ministry
So many opportunities for service, not enough money, or volunteers,
My people want more bible study, holiness teaching, and leadership training,

What great challenges with which to struggle. The Salvation Army has a great system of Corps Councils, Pastoral Care councils, Advisory Boards, set up to assist in leadership. Call on DHQ and THQ for assistance. Use the many resources available. We are all in this together. And remember we have the greatest power in existence because we serve an all powerful God. Read Psalm 37 and Psalm 144 for encouragement. Get prepared for God’s great blessings.

We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ, to this end I labor struggling with all his energy which so powerfully works in me. Colossians 1: 22 & 29.

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