Choose spring!

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by Eda Hokom, Major –

Spring is that amazing time of year when we see crocuses, and daffodils push their heads through the cold soil, and sometimes snow, to prove that winter is once again at its end. The celebration of Easter each spring provides that same assurance; we have new life in Christ because “He lives.”

Why then do we so often live like it is winter all year long? These past few months our economy has been in crisis. Terrible things are happening around us. People do battle horrible illnesses, tragic accidents do happen. We do get disappointed in others. We do see our loved ones make poor choices that can destroy their lives. At times we do feel like there is more evil in the world than good, and that can overwhelm us. So I suppose there is some logic in feeling like we live in a bleak, cold winter world. And yet winter is the time the soil lies fallow so that it can produce the spring crops. Winter is a time to enjoy different kinds of activities—to take a break from the hectic busyness of the rest to the year. It can be a time to contemplate, to renew, to prepare for the spring. It is a part of the rhythm of life. But we do not need to live in the “winter climate” all year round.

God gives a fresh start each day, and we can choose the day’s climate. So will your choice be to appreciate and celebrate the morning light, the unblemished day ahead, the gift of family and friends, the opportunity for meaningful work, the privilege of sharing in God’s presence, and of sharing his goodness with others, the joy of the unexpected? Or is your daily choice to cling to the misery around you, the scars of past hurts, the perceived failures because of unfilled expectations, the sorrow of loss, the painful and difficult circumstances in your life? The climate you choose will not necessarily change the circumstances in which you, but it will change your attitude and response in those circumstances.

As I travel around the territory, I am constantly amazed and blessed by what I see and hear. The Salvation Army is experiencing a new “spring”. The corps cadets, junior soldiers and troops are growing as the youth of the Army continue to deepen their faith and willingly step out to share who Jesus is. There were 53 Service Corps applicants for 30 spots, proving that the youth are ready to serve. Many corps continue to emphasis prayer and are seeing the results in their ministry. Several corps have successfully integrated their social service ministry, and clients are being saved and choosing to become a part of The Salvation Army as soldiers and adherents. The testimonies of changed lives reverberate around the territory—stories of people who are choosing “spring” after a very long, painful, depressing “winter.”

So what about you? Will you choose “spring”? And if you need some encouragement to make that choice try making Song #32 your prayer, reading Psalms 46-48, and remembering that in 2 Corinthians 4: 16-18, Paul chose SPRING. So choose spring and enjoy the daffodils!

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