10 Signs of a camp counselor

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  1. You wait all year for summer.
    The smell, sound and warmth of a campfire is unexplainably comforting.
  2. You can make up hand motions to just about anything.
    And you find it difficult not to do so while singing regular sentences outside of camp.
  3. You have a drawer full of costumes for skit night.
    And another drawer for all those camp T-shirts that you would never throw away.
  4. You compare the morning walk to flag raising to a scene from The Walking Dead.
    And you still wake up to the sound of “Reveille.”
  5. You have scars from bug bites.
    Not everything is spectacular at camp.
  6. You know that serenading your crush’s cabin is the ultimate form of affection.
    But do you use a camp song or a love song?
  7. You still laugh at those inside jokes.
    It’s true: camp people bond like no one in the real world.
  8. You can push through sheer exhaustion.
    And you’re ok with sacrificing a shower for sleep.
  9. You have a lot of random skills that don’t fit on a resume.
    Knot-weaving a friendship bracelet, entertaining hundreds of children with a dance move, and so on.
  10. You miss talking to campers and hearing their hilarious stories.
    Someone really needs to write all those stories down.

Camps across the Western Territory are now accepting applications for summer jobs. Contact your corps officer or divisional youth secretary for more information. 

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