Bushes volunteer for the Army

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Former first couple stand at kettle in Texas.


In an effort to promote volunteerism for the Army, former President George H.W. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush rang the bell outside a furniture store in Houston, Texas during the final week of the 2006 Red Kettle campaign.

“Barbara and I are excited to pitch in and ring a bell to help The Salvation Army in its final fundraising push before Christmas,” President Bush said. “It is rewarding to see a child dropping a dollar in a kettle and learning about philanthropy. It is something to be passed from generation to generation.”

The Bushes are two of the Army’s 3,539,317 volunteers last year, according to the Army’s 2006 national annual report.

“There are many people who have no food, no clothes, no money to pay the rent or heating bill. The Salvation Army is there for them because so many Americans get out to volunteer and donate throughout the year. Volunteering is a special gift almost anyone can give,” Mrs. Bush said.

Salvation Army National Commander Commissioner Israel L. Gaither said, “We are honored that the president and first lady continue to support The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign. I hope their contribution and those of all our volunteers will be an inspiration to Americans across the country to look for opportunities in their communities to donate their time and talents to charity.”

“One of the reasons we’re proud to be identified with The Salvation Army is that they really do help people that need it,” President Bush said later in an interview. “No definition of a successful life [should exist] that does not include service to others.

Far greater than politics is helping somebody else—that’s where volunteerism comes in and that’s where The Salvation Army comes in,” Bush said.

For more information on how you can volunteer throughout the year, contact your local Salvation Army corps or visit www.salvationarmyusa.org.

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