Bible Bowl 2011

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Top three teams square off during Commissioning weekend.

By Ivan Wild, Major

Commissioners James and Carolyn Knaggs award the Bible Bowl trophy to six time champions from Fort Collins, Colo. Photo by Ron Toy


Nine divisions participated in the 2011 territorial Bible Bowl season with matches that were closer than ever—all leading up to the finale during Commissioning weekend.

In May, divisional winners met at Camp Gifford in the Northwest Division to compete in two-day double elimination play-offs. The purpose of the weekend was greater than the competition; it allowed time to focus on the meaning of studying Scripture, and to enjoy meeting and spending time with other “Bible Bowlers.”

After hearing testimonies during Sunday morning’s worship, Cari Arias, from the territorial Youth department, said: “To find out how significantly [Bible Bowl] has changed the lives of not only teens, but also coaches, was eye-opening for me. This is not just a competition. It is a life-changing path for many people of all ages. It’s not just a program. It’s a tool for discipleship and helping others deepen their faith alongside us.”

The top three divisions—Northwest, Vancouver Corps; Southwest, South Mountain Corps; Intermountain, Fort Collins Corps—went on to the final round at Commissioning. Southwest won the semifinal round against Northwest, and then went up against the giant of Bible Bowl, five-time winner Fort Collins.

The championship match was close, but in the final minutes, Fort Collins pulled ahead, achieving a world record of six consecutive wins.

Though Intermountain won, none of the teams were losers. The Scripture they memorized from the Book of John will never leave them. Now the real coaching starts—to disciple these Bible Bowlers in a lifelong walk of holiness.

Fellowship of the Silver Star Stars come out at banquet

Fellowship of the Silver Star Stars come out at banquet

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Promoted to glory

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