BBC Radio Show to Feature The Joystrings

The long-running BBC radio programme Sounds of the 60s will include a feature on Salvation Army ‘pop group’ The Joystrings during the show to be broadcast on Saturday 12 May. Presenter Brian Matthew writes: ‘There is the story of The Joystrings, tasked with bringing a more modern musical approach to Christian music – but what happened when they appeared on [popular TV show] Tonight?’


The Joystrings were brought together in 1963 as a means of taking the Christian message to the young people of the day. They became famous in the UK and beyond – with ‘It’s An Open Secret’ selling enough copies to reach the UK’s top 20 – and have been described as the first ‘contemporary Christian music’ artists.


Sounds of the 60s is on BBC Radio 2 from 8.05-10 am British Summer Time (GMT+1) and can be accessed online live and until 19 May through the BBC Radio Player:


For more information about the Joystrings

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