Aurora Corps Aids Homestead Celebration

100 Years of Serving

The Aurora, Colo., Corps, under the leadership of Lts. Kevin and Lyndall Mullin, corps officers, recently made a memorable contribution to “Homestead 1896,” planned jointly by the City of Aurora and the Aurora Museum Foundation.

An estimated 25-30,000 came during the five days, including more than 3,000 school children. Using a tent, the Salvation Army “Homestead Corps” held forth among the many exhibits showing life in Colorado in 1896.

As visitors came by, they heard a presentation arranged by Major Ed Ringle (R), assisted by his sister, CSM Della Bozman of the Helena, Mont., corps; and soldier Cyndi Mettler, who had suggested the Army participate in this event. Other full time participants were Mrs. Ruth Ann Waldrop, who cooked over a campfire, and violinist Mrs. Audrey Tinkcom. Ringle camped at night in the tent.

Music, of course, played an important part in the presentation. Ringle played a rather small antique piano accordion; Bozman a big bass drum; Mettler banged a tambourine, and Tinkcom beautifully played her violin. Sometimes Richard Andrews played a harmonica and A/Captain Dan Luschenat held forth on wooden spoons and a washboard.

There was an opportunity for the costumed crew to let visitors know a little about the Army’s history in the U.S. as well as in the Colorado area, to witness to God’s saving power, and emphasize that The Salvation Army is a church. Many friends were made during these five days of witnessing for God and the Army.

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