Auf Wiedersehen: West farewells Lt. Colonels Kurt and Alicia Burger

Co-workers reflect on Burgers as leaders, mentors.

by Karen Gleason –

Lt. Cols. Kurt and Alicia Burger

Lt. Colonels Kurt and Alicia Burger—soon to be commissioners—were recently honored at Territorial Headquarters during a service of appreciation and farewell. They will assume leadership of the Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory on September 1.
For the past seven years. Lt. Colonel Kurt Burger has served the West as secretary for business administration. For the past year, Lt. Colonel Alicia Burger has been the territorial multi-cultural ministries secretary; just prior to that she served at CFOT at Crestmont as vice-provost for cross cultural studies and assistant principal.
Four co-workers welcomed the opportunity to share what it was like to work with the Burgers. Clarence White (secretary and CIO of the IT department) and Howard Yamaguchi (legal department) spoke of Lt. Colonel Kurt Burger’s integrity and intelligence—his influence as a Christian leader—and his brilliant, deadpan humor. The West will miss his “zingers.”
Maryuli Darby (multi-cultural ministries department), who worked with Lt. Colonel Alicia Burger in her year at THQ, spoke of her work ethic and her commitment to excellence, as well as her sensitivity. Major Charleen Bradley (now at THQ in the officer care and development department, formerly at CFOT), who worked with her at CFOT, told of some adventures the two shared, also noting that her time with Mrs. Burger has strengthened her as an officer.
The Burgers each responded, thanking those who spoke. Lt. Colonel Kurt Burger stated that as business administrator he has tried to meet present needs while preparing for the future—always remembering that people are the most important resource. Lt. Colonel Alicia Burger looked to the challenges ahead in this unexpected appointment, trusting in God’s guidance.
The Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory is receiving a treasure in the Burgers—who have exemplified excellence in their years in the West.

Powers of mind, and strength of purpose,
Days of labor, nights of strain,
That God’s will may be accomplished,
O’er the kingdoms he shall reign.

From “We Have Caught the Vision,” SA Song Book #833

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