Army finds support in aiding Ukraine orphans, elderly

A vision of compassion for the orphans and pensioners of the Ukraine became a reality as a sea-land container filled with 24 pallets of humanitarian aid left the Bishop’s Central Warehouse of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (L.D.S.) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A collaborative effort by The Salvation Army and the L.D.S. church, this generous donation valued at nearly $107,000 will be given to The Salvation Army in the Ukraine for distribution under its supervision.

visionMajors Wayne and Trish Froderberg, who previously were regional officers in the Ukraine, labored for 30 months to find a way to send hundreds of donations gathered for Ukrainian orphanages and pensioners. Major Trish stated, “We want to thank all of our Salvation Army and other faith partners who visioned with us and made this gift possible. It is an expression of compassion and hope.”

The Salvation Army of Salt Lake City provided 209 boxes filled with items including: new clothing, medical supplies, shoes, hospital sheets, laundry, hand soap, and warm clothing for the children.

By special request of the Ukraine regional officer, Capt. Eric Despreaux, five large flannel graphs were provided for officers to use in five newly opened corps.

The total value of Army assistance was $46,459. The L.D.S. Church contributed an additional $60,227 in donations of white flour, beans, dry milk, hygiene and newborn kits, and quilts and blankets. Medical supplies for orphans and pensioners were also included.

According to Froderberg, the soldiers and friends of the Salt Lake Citadel Corps pray this will be the first of many containers. A special committee of the advisory board has been formed to focus on missions and the Ukraine project.

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