An officer’s prayer

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by Sharon Robertson, Lt. Colonel – 

Lord, teach me the difference
Between being an imitation Christ
And an imitator of Christ.

Teach me to be real, to be open,
To experience the hurt
Of a bitter, hurting world,
Without myself becoming bitter.

Teach me to love the unloved,
To reach out to the needy,
To preach forgiveness of sins,
And to practice what I preach.

Teach me to look to You for guidance,
Rather than to my own training
Or experience,
And to talk over every decision with You.

Teach me to see myself as a channel,
Through which your love can flow
Freely, unobstructed,
And not as a “doer of good.”

Teach me to know you better,
That I may pattern my life
After your example, and so live
That others might look at me,

And see You.

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