A keynote with an edge

“Salvationists walk with ease on the face of the earth. There is a clarity within them of well-being with the conviction that the gospel of a risen Christ must simultaneously combine with a gospel of compassion.” So stated Dan Posterski, director, Christian Commitments, World Vision International Partnerships and keynote speaker at the National Social Services Conference in Toronto, Canada.

“We care for the downtrodden, and there is a beauty in that, but God calls us to a higher mission—to use this easy walk in the world as a time of engagement. This is no time to try to escape the world. This is a time to be in it—cunning, but not naïve—not of the world, but worldly wise where we treat others as we would like to be treated.

“In all we do, we want to be right. Posterski then noted the tendency of peoples of diverse cultures often to resort to matters of might. “But might is not right,” he said. “We must make a deal with diversity. Worldly wise people understand the nature of choice. Choice is very much a part of our culture, and we must lift up for people preferred choices. Jesus is a preferred choice. The poor of our society are poor because they have fewer choices.

“God will protect us in this world, and as we get all this right we discover an outcome. We communicate that the broken are loved. This Army,” Posterski said, “has, over much time, and with considerable energy and commitment, built tremendous collateral—earned credibility and respect.

“How will you spend it?”

“We believe that commitment to the poor is not optional. You must go beyond the ‘survival mode’ of operation to sustainability. Through visions of transformation you can alter your reputation. You must move from a relief mentality to a justice mentality—become advocates for human rights—influence public policy—protect the rights of minorities and the marginalized of society.”

In 2004, Intervarsity Press released Posterski’s latest book, Enemies with Smiling Faces: Defeating the Subtle Threats that Endanger Christians. He has been granted three honorary doctorates and is a nationally acknowledged researcher and author.

Grace in the workplace

Grace in the workplace

A proven leader, William A

Social services awards presented at conference

Social services awards presented at conference

Four program nominees, one from each U

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