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6 truths for when life feels messy

Sometimes life is messy.

It is not the life that is so often portrayed on social media, but rather it is imperfect and raw. And it can be so easy for us to think that everyone else has these amazing, perfect lives looking flawless, having the best careers and enjoying their ever-amazing families.

Then, you know what happens? We feel ashamed in our own lives like there must be something wrong with us that we are not experiencing that too. We forget that social media isn’t real life. It is simply snippets of the good days.

And so, here’s six truths for when your life feels imperfect and messy.

This is not forever

No matter what you’re going through today, you can hold onto the truth that this is not forever. That things will change. That you’ll change. That new joys will come and new challenges will come. And that this is just a moment, it is not an eternity.

Find the beauty in the chaos

There is beauty everywhere. And one of the best things you can ever learn to do is look for the beauty and the gifts in the every-day. Find your present day miracle and say thank you.

You are not your experience

Whatever you’re experiencing in your life right now does not determine who you are, it just determines what you’re made of (which is a lot by the way). And you might feel things because of your experience, like unworthy or confused, but the truth of who you are remains the same.

Do something that makes you feel powerful

Whenever we are in a messy time in our lives, it can be easy to feel powerless and like things are out of your control. Though that might be true to an extent, you can make powerful, brave choices that remind you that you’re a powerful person.

You are not alone

Let this truth reverberate through your entire being. You’re not alone. You never have been. And you never will be. Nothing can ever separate you from being loved. It is in your DNA. It is who you are.

Get off the internet

If life is feeling imperfect, stop scrolling. Delete the apps off your phone. Get off the internet. Go and be with people.

Life gets messy. It gets imperfect. That’s real life. You’ll walk through these seasons and days and you’ll simply shine brighter because of them.

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