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3 ways to make amazing decisions

I want to start off by simply making one honest declaration to your heart from mine. Are you ready? Okay, here it is. You make good decisions.

Sometimes we pick up beliefs about ourselves that aren’t true either from experience or other people, but the truth of it is that you are amazing at making decisions. That capability and power is inside of you.

For some people, making decisions comes with a lot of pressure. We are afraid of making a mistake and we have really made out “wrong decisions” to be this phantom enemy in our lives. Yet, making bad decisions isn’t your enemy; the fear of making bad decisions is.

To help, there are little things we can pick up on the way to help us make awesome choices and I’ve got three right here for you. So, let’s roll them out.

Know that you can make great decisions.

Decide for yourself right now that you are capable of making awesome choices. Forget about the past and whatever has gone down prior to this moment and realize that you have the strength inside to do what is right for you.

Follow your gut.

We can really wrestle through some decisions, even when deep down we know what to do. Part of that is just because fear gets in the way and has a little too much fun. Many times, you know what the right thing is for you. Listen to that inner voice. Follow your gut.

Talk to your people.

Have those people in your life who are going to shoot it to you straight, who aren’t out to flatter you or talk you down, but who will give you honest feedback. Those people are a true gift and allow them to be that gift in your life. Ask them questions! Share your heart. Know that their feedback does not have to define your direction but give it the space to speak to your heart.

Those things you’ve been avoiding making decision on? Make your choice and take action. It is going to be good.

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Ashley Beaudin

Ashley is a movement maker and encourager to women on a mission.