180 attend Youth Councils on Majuro, Marshall Islands


One hundred and eighty young people from three corps and an outpost attended the recent Youth Councils held in Laura, on the Majuro Atoll.

Another 30 were left stranded on their island due to a pilot’s dropping off their tickets at the wrong destination. In places where air transportation only happens weekly, those are the hazards.

The 80 strong delegation from Jaluit Atoll traveled by boat across rough waters for 17 hours (in each direction)! Joining these 180 were Majors Rudy and Judy Hedgren, territorial youth leaders, Cindy Engøy, THQ Youth Department, and Captains John and Lani Chamness, DYS, Hawaii and Pacific Islands Division, and their photographer. Captains Charles and Shari Fowler are the corps officers.

In a place where Western ways have started to make inroads into the culture, it was wonderful to experience hundreds cramming the Army building and spilling into the street outside. No matter the hot tropics and the lack of air conditioning! God’s presence was manifest and his praises were offered up freely through word and deed.

The Salvation Army didn’t get to the atolls by accident; Overton Clarence was very instrumental in opening the way to the far-flung islands in the Pacific. We had the privilege of visiting him, now well into his 80s, in his home close to the Rita Corps building. This old warrior is confined to a wheelchair and has practically lost his speech. We sang for and prayed with him and felt that we were on holy ground.

A harbinger for what might be in store for the Army in the Marshall Islands, 10 young people came to the FOF luncheon to explore the opportunities of future ministry in The Salvation Army.

Pray for the young people of the Marshall Islands as they build God’s kingdom through The Salvation Army.

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