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It is hard to express how much outside help means to the people of Ibbwe Munyama in Zambia.

Major Ivy Hood, Child Sponsorship director, says, “We sponsor four children in Zambia. Along with the children’s help we have given a couple of sizeable discretionary gifts to this country in the last year. These may be used for any of the needs the children or the home might have.”

David and Rita Bell send detailed reports that bring home the tremendous needs, as well as the heart of the people. “There has been a steady increase in the numbers of children in the program, and the butala (woven, plastered storage bins), in the area are full from the recent good harvest, the best in seven years. The average family would have about $150 worth of shelled maize to eat or sell. This would feed the average family: father, mother, five birth children, and three nieces or nephews orphaned by AIDS. If they don’t sell any, the maize will last until the end of March. Selling the crop is the only way they get money for school and clinic fees as well as clothing.

Most sponsors will know that their money primarily sponsors their child’s education and clinic fees. Children suffer from malnutrition. Often we use sponsors’ special monetary gifts to buy food for the child during the hunger season from November through March. Some donations to the primary school have bought books, teaching and sports materials for the school. Recent gifts have allowed purchase of some double desks, letting 14 students get up off the floor.

“Life at Ibbwe has many aspects, such as epidemics among the people and cattle. In the long term we are confident that sponsoring the children within their own village for the purpose of education is the best way to help these Zambian children. It helps preserve family and cultural ties while providing knowledge and skills required in today’s world.

Thank you for your partnership in the Zambia Child Sponsorship program. It’s a wonderful thing you are doing. May God bless you!”

For more information on Child Sponsorship, please contact Major Ivy Hood at Western Territorial Headquarters, P.O. Box 22646, Long Beach, CA 90802. Additional information is also available at

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