Yee Admitted to The Order of the Founder

ORDER OF THE FOUNDER–(l-r) Lt. Colonel Check Yee (R) enthusiastically displays his certificate as General Paul Rader and Comm. Peter Chang look on.

As a climax to the moving production, “Christus Victor,” General Paul A. Rader stepped center stage with Commissioner Peter H. Chang and Lt. Colonel Check-hung Yee (R) and admitted Yee to The Order of the Founder.

Rader noted Christus Victor was not simply drama, but also real life. Yee’s life was one of the vignettes celebrated in the production.

“You have invested your ministry in a single corps and now in recent years of your retirement you have committed yourself to the land of your birth.”

Rader then read to the elated audience from the presentation certificate that “Whereas Lt. Colonel Check-hung Yee (R) has recorded 35 years of fruitful corps ministry in a single appointment, been uniquely effective in communication through print and electronic media, and has contributed to the redevelopment of the presence and witness of The Salvation Army in Mainland China…

“…and whereas such service in itself and in its spirit and purpose would have especially commended Lt. Colonel Check-hung Yee (R) to the attention and approval of our beloved Founder, I hereby appoint Lt. Colonel Check Yee to be a member of The Order of the Founder.”

Creativity and innovation have been his hallmark. The author of four books, three in Chinese and one in English, he also wrote a weekly column for a Chinese language newspaper. During his 35 years at the San Francisco Chinatown Corps–his only appointment–he was instrumental in producing a weekly television program, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for disaster relief work in Mexico, the U.S., and China.

When promoted to Lt. Colonel in 1992, he was the only corps officer in the Western Territory and the second corps officer in the United States to be promoted to that rank.

Throughout their years at the corps, Yee and his wife, Major Phyllis Yee, who was promoted to Glory in 1991, brought scores to faith in Christ.

After his retirement in 1994, Yee continued to serve the Army. In November 1996, he left San Francisco to open the Army’s new office in Kunming, Yunan Province, China.

A Perfect Love

A Perfect Love

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8,200 Proclaim Victory

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