World Service Report – Horwoods Thrive Despite Invasion

Captain Ted Horwood, currently stationed in Malawi in Central Africa, reports that armed insurgents invaded The Salvation Army facility and held the officers and staff at gunpoint recently.

Horwood serves in Malawi as regional training officer and his wife, Captain Debbie Horwood, is assigned to the Blantyre Corps as commanding officer. They have two young children, Micah and Jess.

Approximately 50 intruders took part in the raid threatening the families for over an hour. Alarms have been installed and bars and steel gates have been placed on windows and doors for protection. Three guards are stationed at the main entrance of The Salvation Army campus but felt threatened and were unable to stop the intruders.

The total damage was more than $1,000 which is a major amount of money in a poor country. Four raids on the property have occurred in the last six months.

Horwood reports that the main reason for all the problems is that there is very little perimeter security. A fence surrounds the property, but it is easily cut. Recently, he was advised that the guards do not want to work because they fear for their lives. The wire fence is too dangerous. What is needed is a brick wall.

Horwood indicates that a wall could be built around the facility for approximately $10,000 which would provide protection for the family and other Salvationists. Because that is such a significant amount of money, however, there is no hope of being able to find that kind of financial support in Malawi. The Army has been unable to secure the properties adequately due to the high cost and lack of resources. He continues, asking if the Western Territory would be able to find the funds to provide security for this property.

“This is a very serious issue for us,” says Ted. “At the risk of sounding melodramatic, we are quite desperate. That center is a focal point for a lot of Army ministry, and our lieutenant assistant (a single female) lives there. There is no way we could raise that kind of money, yet the danger and loss of property is relentless. Any help you could offer would be great.”

Western Territory administration has made a commitment to find help for this endeavor. Each corps in the territory can have a part in finding the solution with your help.

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