World leaders comment on Home League

William Booth, Founder of The Salvation Army, had a big heart of compassion. He was known to shed tears over the suffering of humanity. The women in his life shared this vision. Catherine, his wife, along with their daughters and daughters-in-law, longed for women to be empowered and offered inclusion by The Salvation Army. The Army is a place where they can shed their tears of spiritual longing, repentance, sorrow and joy—and find acceptance, faith for the future and opportunities for Christian service.

Women’s Ministries has been an area of vibrant activity and witness for the gospel since its launch in 1907.…It is our prayer that during the centenary year there will be more tears of joy than tears of sorrow; that there will be tears of laughter as well as tears of pain; but most of all, that joys and griefs alike will be shared in the many fellowships around the world. May the Founder’s fighting spirit—to work and pray for a better life for all—continue to be a hallmark of Women’s Ministries in every land.

From a statement by General Shaw Clifton and World President of Women’s Ministries Commissioner Helen Clifton

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