Witnesses for Christ arrive at Crestmont

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Cadets move into remodeled suites.

by Tim Foley, Major –

Fifteen new cadets have arrived at the College for Officer Training at Crestmont (CFOT)—ready to fully engage in their training to become effective “Witnesses for Christ.” In the midst of the noise, dust and busyness of the construction currently taking place at CFOT, the Witnesses for Christ Session began their journey on August 22, 2007.
The remodeling of Crestmont’s residences has been in full swing all summer, with the first phase completed just in time for the return of the cadets. Each suite includes a fully equipped kitchen, in-room laundry machines, a dining room and bedrooms. The newly remolded rooms have been well received by the cadets.
Phase two of the construction, at the west end of the residences, will be completed by the fall, and the last phase is set to begin in November 2007.
Upon their arrival, all the cadets of this session were asked what is it they expect to receive from their time spent at Crestmont. Here are a few of their responses.
Speaking for his family, Cadet Michael Pyer stated, “We expect to grow in God’s love, become stronger as a family, and become equipped for the ministry that God has planned for us for the rest of our lives.
Cadet George Lopez stated, “I am looking forward to deepening my relationship with God and learning the practical business side of The Salvation Army.”
Cadet Loreen Petzing said, “I hope to grow and be equipped to serve the Lord faithfully in the Salvation Army—in a corps, in a headquarters, or in another country. I hope to use the time at CFOT to train to become the best Army officer I can be.”
Cadet Sergio Garcia shared, “ I feel that I come to Crestmont with certain skills and talents but I feel training college will help hone and sharpen those skills. When I am commissioned I will be focused on how to use those skills to help people.”
Cadet Heather Paap said, “I expect to learn a lot and dig deeper into the Bible.”
Cadet Joseph Cisneros stated, “I am expecting to gain more knowledge about The Salvation Army. I know what I learn here at Crestmont will be valuable to me as an officer.”
Cadet Robert Davidson said, “I look forward to gaining experience from the instructors, and to the academic and spiritual challenge. I anticipate being challenged here so I can pour that back into society and the rest of the world.”
Cadet Garcia summed up what the outcome of his time spent at Crestmont will be: “I think we need more people working in the field who are totally devoted to loving people and serving God. I am making myself and my family available to do just do that, to be another pair of hands to help serve people.”
The Western Territory will welcome the Witnesses for Christ Session at the Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in San Diego on Saturday, September 15, 2007.

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