Army called to month of prayer

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Specific prayer concerns identified

General Shaw Clifton has called on soldiers throughout the world to dedicate the month of September to prayer.
“God honors our praying and the result is changed people and changed situations,” the General wrote in a letter posted on the Army’s International website ( “Now I am asking for the whole of The Salvation Army to be in prayer during the month of September 2007.”

The month of prayer will focus specifically on two purposes—praying for “lasting peace in the hearts of people, in their families, in communities, and in international relations” and to pray for the victims of sexual trafficking, what the General calls a core issue for the Army today.
Sunday, September 23 has been marked an International Day of Prayer for Peace. General Clifton stated, “Our Lord is the Prince of Peace who gives peace to our hearts such as the world cannot give. Therefore I call the Army to prayer for peace in the world. We can begin by shunning strife in our own personal lives and praying that God will grant us grace for this day by day.”

Sunday, September 30 is the day set aside to focus on victims of sex-trade trafficking. In the USA, The Salvation Army has dedicated September 28-30 as the second annual weekend of prayer and fasting for victims of sexual trafficking and is asking everyone to organize workplace and church events to focus on prayer and intercession on behalf of the exploited victims.

“We can pray for the victims, for their families, for the relief agencies, for all working to reduce and frustrate the evildoers, and for the forces of law and order. Let us pray also for political leaders to have the will and wisdom to enact laws that will tackle this menace,” the General wrote.

As the General wrote, “God will hear us. Then he will use us.”

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