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Why you should craft a ‘do good’ resolution this year

It’s almost that time of year again, when we turn inward, reflecting on a year of growth, change, stagnance, improvement. The resolutions we chose at the beginning of the year were either penciled in, knowing from preceding years that we are afraid and cautious of commitment or marked with permanent ink with a conscious decision to be held accountable to make a noticeable change.

Resolutions are active decisions to empower ourselves with how we want to live our lives by the choices we make. Resolutions are a reflection of the kinds of lives we wish to live, the person we want to become, the beliefs we declare.

For this upcoming year, we have a resolution that involves this community’s commitment and accountability to a single thing. And while it is only one thing, we believe this resolution has the potential to shape purposeful, passionate deeds, dictions and overall dispositions.

So, the resolution? To do good.

Seems simple enough, right?

To do good is to have good, to pursue good, to recognize the good in others. Our resolution to do good is an external display of an internal choice. Because, in order to truly do good, one must realize it cannot be fabricated out of false intentions.

The good thing about doing good is that it is contagious, and the opportunity to spread it is in abundance. It’s on the shelves of conscious minds to dedicate work ethic to fostering sustainable practices and policies.

It’s in not retaliating or harboring bitterness when someone cuts in line or acts out of frustration, but using that instance to communicate love and kindness. It’s choosing to listen well and wholeheartedly before giving your opinion or your side of the story. It’s donating to causes you believe in. It’s starting projects that positively impact others. It’s writing cards to express your gratitude and recognition of the other.

You see, doing good is more than just an action; it’s a lifestyle that stems from loving others. Will you join us in this commitment?

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Eliana Park

Eliana Park is a storyteller-in-the-making, passionate about people. She pursues the untold narratives of sundry cultures to cultivate a community of grown perspectives.