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Why it’s so important to take time to unplug

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My 2-year-old daughter recently reminded me of something important. I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed one evening after work when she grabbed my hand—signaling for me to follow her. She walked me over to the princess castle and dolls in her room, sat down and tapped a space on the floor for me to sit down and play with her.

This is a moment I could have easily missed by getting distracted by technology. My little Emma helped me realize the significance of taking time to unplug and getting away from the distractions that keep us from what truly matters in our lives.

It’s crucial to take a break from our smartphones, social media and all other things getting in the way of us being present and immersing ourselves in real life moments.

Challenge yourself to set aside time in each day to unplug and soak in the moments you spend doing things you love—whether that be playing outside with your kids, having a bonfire in your backyard with your friends, or trying things you’ve been really wanting to do but haven’t found the time for.

Use this distraction-free time to engage with your family. Have dinner with them and have meaningful, memorable conversation. Really take in the time you spend with your loved ones.

Your kids will only be little for so long, so cherish every moment you have with them. Make it a priority to spend quality time with your spouse to talk and just enjoy one another’s company. Catch up with parents, siblings and any other family members you are close to.

Make it a point to connect with friends during this time, as well. Plan out relaxing activities or outdoor get-togethers where you can have time to listen to each other’s stories and be there for one another.

Plan a hike, host a game night or have a beach day. Do the things that bring you and your friends joy—together. And make memories that will last a lifetime.

Also, take out that bucket list or list of goals, and start using your time away from technology to take the initiative to try the things you’ve been longing to do or make progress on your objectives.

Go skydiving, explore nature, try new foods, travel abroad, take steps toward a healthier lifestyle, or finish that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for weeks. Be bold, step out of your comfort zone, and really embrace all life has to offer.

These are the moments you will remember and care the most about. Your TV show binge, social media feeds and video games can wait.

I am totally guilty of getting caught up in the distractions of the digital age. But I’m blessed to have a little girl to show me the value of the simple moments that are worth treasuring—like reading her a book, having a meal together as a family, and watching, alongside my husband, as our daughter’s imagination runs wild while she continues to discover new things.

Technology isn’t all bad, and in this day and age it is truly hard to avoid it. But balance is key, and your life away from your phone, computer or TV screen is priority.

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