Warren Johnson named Order of the Founder

Western Territory Salvationist receives prestigious international award

In the second evening meeting at the Western Territory’s 2012 congress, The Gathering, General Linda Bond conferred Warren C. Johnson with the Order of the Founder award, the 247th such award to be given in the history of The Salvation Army, and the 9th in the U.S. Western Territory.

The Order of the Founder is given to recognize meritorious Christian example, witness and service.

Johnson exemplified this service as business administrator and assistant coordinator for Southern California’s Orange County Command for 33 years, retiring in 2008.

“As a Christian man, Salvation Army soldier and community servant, Warren is a living picture of a whole life devoted to God,” said Major John Van Cleef, corps officer at the Tustin Ranch Corps and Orange County coordinator. “His life is Christian mission, and he’s the kind of man I want to be.”

Johnson served as a police chaplain for the Santa Ana Police Department, representing The Salvation Army, for 13 years. He received the Chief’s Award in 2001 and 2008. He has served as the senior chaplain for the Orange County Fire Authority since May 1997 and led the planning team, which designed the chaplains’ program for the Fire Authority. Johnson retired in 2008 from his position as president of the Southern California Chaplains’ Association, a position he held for eight years. He won the prestigious “Orange County Overachievers’ Award” in 1999 for his work as a Fire Service chaplain, and the Volunteer of the Year award in 2008.

Over the years, Johnson has led the Army’s Orange County disaster response team and assisted with fire, flood and earthquake disasters throughout Southern California. He responded to national emergencies including 9/11, Midwest flooding, and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In 2008, Johnson received the William Booth award for outstanding service to The Salvation Army in Orange County.

“The success of the corps and county operation over the past 30 years can clearly be traced, in part, to the tremendous support and commitment of Warren Johnson,” said Major Lee Lescano, commander of the Sierra Del Mar Division, former corps officer at Tustin Ranch and former Orange County coordinator.

For 21 years, Warren was on staff at The Salvation Army’s National Seminar on Evangelism, and served as a member of General Paul Rader’s (Ret.) 15-member International Spiritual Life Commission that met in London in 1996-98. While traveling throughout the four U.S. territories as an instructor and featured speaker or at weekly services at the Tustin Ranch Corps, Johnson’s lifelong Salvationism and commitment to proclaiming the gospel is clear. He currently serves as executive officer of the Tustin Ranch Band.

“Warren is a man of integrity and has dedicated his service to making his corps and the greater Salvation Army better,” said Colonel David Hudson, chief secretary in the Western Territory. “As evidence, today, Tustin Ranch Corps is one of the largest and most vibrant corps in the Western Territory.”

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