Tune in–take part

Online access helps make Salvation Army World Youth Convention a global event.

Organizers of The Salvation Army’s World Youth Convention (WYC) to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, are hoping and praying that thousands of youth around the world will make time to view the convention online.

The convention will run from July 15 – 18, with 1,200 invited delegates from most parts of the world in attendance. However, through live streaming of all events via the internet, anyone with internet access can be involved.

For those who don’t know very much about The Salvation Army, viewing this convention will provide information through world-class speakers from all continents, including the Army’s international leaders, General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton.

Complementing the speaking sessions will be musicians, singers, actors and dancers from Brazil, Norway, United Kingdom, India, Zambia, Italy, Korea, Sweden, USA and Australia.

Convention coordinator Colonel Birgitte Brekke says, “This will be an inspiring event,” and she urges youth around the world to gather with friends to watch the live sessions wherever they have access to a computer, large screen and data projector. “In this way there could be mini-youth conventions right around the world!”

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Please pray for the following delegates from the Western Territory: Jennifer Stump (Alaska); Megan DeLapp, Ryan McCaw, Matthew McQuade (Cascade); Saharra Gilden, Edwin Rayburn, Jayerica Tumale, (Del Oro); Audriana Moody (Golden State); Luke Betti (Hawaiian and Pacific Islands); Susan Cassin, Samuel Fowler, Mark Svenson, Amanda Wenstig (Northwest); Katie Owens (Sierra del Mar); Caleb Danielson, Sarah Wild, (Southern California), James Combs, Meghan Desplancke (Southwest); Majors Ivan and Jennifer Wild (territorial youth leaders).

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