Thrift With Me, Episode 5: Shop The Salvation Army in Pasadena with Josue Julio

Learn to shop at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store with Josue Julio. He gives his tips and tricks on how to find the best pieces for your wardrobe. Don’t know how to put an outfit together? He has some tips on that too! Thrift with Josue as he finds some great pieces and discovers the great cause behind shopping at The Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Below is a transcript of the video, edited for readability.


Josue Julio: This is serious. This is so good.

Hey, guys. How’s it going? My name is Josue. I’m here at Salvation Army in Pasadena. Why don’t we check it out?

First stop for me is usually the shoes. I actually came here not too long ago, and I found a really nice suit. I posted it and the response was just unreal. So many people were like, you have to go back and get that. Came back, it was already gone. But it’s one of those things that I think a lot of people underestimate the suiting here, but it’s actually one of those sections that will surprise you.

See, like, something like this, super simple. Can use this for so many occasions, but it’s made in Italy, so it’s like good quality. It’s going to hold up really well. Some nice fabric. These are kind of different. It’s got a little logo here. I know some people love specific t-shirts and things like that. I’m not crazy about t-shirts. I like collared shirts. I like fabrics that have just a really nice texture or just seem a little different, but it doesn’t hurt to look through.

So now that the weather is starting to heat up, you might find a lot more sweaters and jackets. This is usually the time that you want to look for pieces like that because you can always save it for the next season. And a lot of times there’s just like, really good pieces that just people overlook.

I’m going to head over to women’s just because you never know what you might find. I’ll kind of move a little faster in women’s. I don’t spend too much time there because I know the majority of the pieces just aren’t going to work for me. Some of the pieces that you find are really nice collared shirts that actually work pretty well for men as well. Sometimes even like, some of the sweaters work because they’re a little more unisex. Turtlenecks are great too. Oh, nice. Let’s give it a try.

So one thing about Salvation Army that I found out was that they have a program, it’s called ARC or Adult Rehabilitation Center, which is a really amazing program just to help people that just might be stuck in a tough time or might be getting out of a tough season.

So we are actually right outside of the Salvation Army in Pasadena. The rehabilitation center is actually right behind it. It’s for anyone that is looking for just help that has just struggled with any sort of substance abuse, this place has opened up their doors to anyone that is looking for that kind of help. All of the proceeds that happen at the store here actually come to support and establish this location here.

I’m going to check some of these sweaters and see if there’s something that’s versatile. Let’s go take a look and see if we can make some outfits out of these guys. Found a few things. So, I did grab some cardigans. I mean, I like this, the red, white, and blue that I feel like would just look well with, like, a really nice neutral-colored outfit. You can always pair it with something like this.

I grabbed this guy because it’s a good time to grab some sweaters. It’s not too dark, not too light, but I feel like you can get a lot of use out of this, especially if you’re wearing anything dark like I am right now and even pairing it with these really cool pants that I found with the little logo. Some people actually love to wear sweaters around the shoulders, so you can kind of give it a little bit more depth on the outfit.

I actually found this because this shirt was pretty underrated, but if you look closely, it actually has great detailing around the neck and the arms. Turtlenecks. Really good turtleneck here.

A really good option that people are into right now is having, like, a dress pant with a sneaker option. So let’s say you do it with, like, a nice little tee and then a sneaker. This sneaker is a total sleeper, but it’s a really good one.

I mean, this store here has tons of options, and they just keep bringing out more and more. If you get a chance, come to Salvation Army. You’re supporting more than just this store. You’re supporting a lot of other people as well.

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