Thousands flee Democratic Republic of Congo

The Salvation Army assists people fleeing conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Thousands fled the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) into neighboring Rwanda and Uganda due to ongoing instability and violence in the country, and The Salvation Army responded to the needs of both internally displaced people and refugees.

In Mugunga Camp, DRC, The Salvation Army provided food to almost 10,000 people but more is urgently needed.

“There is a great need for food,” said Captain Dieudonné Tsilulu after a visit to the camp, “because other organizations have not yet started food distribution.”

Plastic sheets are also needed to provide at some basic form of shelter.

In Rwanda, The Salvation Army started two projects: one to distribute clothes and supplementary food to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in refugee camps; the other, to address the provision of medication, since many of the displaced people suffer from major health issues. Both projects were implemented in coordination with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and other UN agencies working in the camps.

Uganda also saw an influx of refugees. The Salvation Army provided food and drinking water to 6,000 refugees, and planned further relief projects. A team deployed by the Army’s International Emergency Services traveled to Uganda to assist with the task, including Major Comfort Adepojou, Nigeria; Major Ray Mackereth, the U.K.; and Willemijn Bijl, The Netherlands.

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