The Salvation Army present in 124 countries

Effective April 1, The Salvation Army will officially begin work in the West African country of Togo—formally the Togolese Republic.

In years past, residents of the country and Togolese citizens living in Canada and the U.S. asked Salvation Army International Headquarters to establish work in Togo. In response, the Ghana Territory sent a fact-finding team to the country.

Established churches and community leaders alike welcomed the Salvationists. It turned out that Salvation Army meetings were already being held there. In the past year, more Salvationist groups have formed, and work among children and young people is also developing well.

Captains Hervé Michel and Naty Dorcas Ahouyanganga, from The Salvation Army in Congo, have been appointed as leaders for the work in Togo.

in memory of Major David Baxter, who died of cancer. Almost 100 people attended with donations totaling 600 pounds (approximately $975) for prostate cancer charity.

In addition to viewing the film, guests enjoyed a karaoke-style sing-along with the movie, which features songs by Abba. Visitors came dressed in Abba/’70s costumes and a youth band played theme music.

The evening included a traditional Greek meal, quizzes and a costume competition.

“It wasn’t all about the money. People came who had never attended the corps. Now they can’t wait for the next event,” Major Raelton Gibbs, Baxter’s son-in-law, said.


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