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Such love: Part Three

The power of friendship from three perspectives

A Scripture study from Caring, part three of three.

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Part 3: The Paralyzed Man’s Friends

Behind the scenes

Read what Scripture says in Mark 2. 

Beyond the surface

The miraculous story of healing found in Mark 2 not only shows us the power of Jesus to help the most unloved in society, but teaches us how we should live in the service of others. 

The paralyzed man’s friends cared enough to do the difficult, the unusual—as I’m pretty sure it was not a common thing to go to someone else’s house and dismantle the roof!

Think about it. When they arrived on the roof (of course, they didn’t bring their tools with them), they were likely met by layers and layers of sticks and clay. To make the hole, they likely used the only tools they had: their bare hands.

I imagine their hands scratched and bleeding, with dirt under the nails, sweat pouring down their brows. These friends were not going to be denied. They were going to get their friend to Jesus!

It was a real commitment to dig into some stranger’s roof and make a man-sized hole in it. Such was their love for their friend and confidence in Jesus’ power and willingness to help that the paralyzed man’s friends were willing to interrupt Jesus’s discussions with the local theologians by coming through the roof.

They knew what was needed: healing power.

Once the hole was made, they then had to lean over the hole and lower him down. It would have been back-breaking. They had to have equal, synchronized strength to avoid letting him fall or to fall in themselves. 

These friends’ faith was so strong. They took serious risks, all to lay someone at the feet of Jesus. I’m pretty sure they had not met Jesus themselves, but they had heard about his power and his divinity and just knew they had to do everything for their friend. 

Between the lines

  • How far are you willing to trudge, to carry, to lift, to strain your back, to bring yourself close to utter exhaustion to bring someone else to the feet of Jesus?
  • Who are the outcasts in your life? Are you willing to be a friend to them?
  • Do you have passion to get your friends and family, and the people you see on our streets to the feet of Jesus? Are you too willing to give up?


Pray that you have the strength and conviction of the friends who did everything to bring the paralyzed man into the presence of the Lord.

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Martin Hunt

Martin Hunt is the Assistant Secretary for Program for The Salvation Army USA Western Territory.