Who are you?


Spring 2017
Volume 23 No. 01
A publication of The Salvation Army

In this issue

Creating change | by Debbie Horwood, Colonel

Expanding minds
App collection lets kids create, test, play and learn | by Christin Thieme

Challenging evil
Reaching into The Salvation Army’s DNA | by Danielle Strickland, Major

Mobile ministry
The Salvation Army delivers 1,000 free, hot meals to farms in Central California each week.

Through the years
A search for wisdom in every year of life | by Joshua Prager

Firming up fatherhood
A partnership to strengthen the paternal role in family and community | by Alma Bahman

Harnessing movement
Eco-fitness invites everyone to gear up for a more sustainable future. | by Kristin Marguerite Doidge

The arc of identity  
We grow and develop almost in tandem with the characters we love.  | by Angela McIntosh

Deciphering the divide
Race remains an issue in America | by Caitlin Johnston

Empowerment Center to open in Ferguson | by Mindy Farabee

Our need for salvation  
We’re on a journey toward spiritual wholeness. | by Philip Davisson, Major

Finding your story
In those things that appear to set us apart, you might uncover the beauty in our diversity and our shared humanity. | by Flynn Coleman


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