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Spring 2018
Volume 24 No. 01
A publication of The Salvation Army

In this issue

Influence | By Kathy Lovin

A text for help | By Laura Poff
Crisis Text Line engages with texters in moments of crisis and compiles data on the anonymous raw language texters use to teach us when crises are likely to happen and help to prepare for them.

Walk of faith
Veteran loses sight and way of life before reclaiming both

Promoting faith and justice | By Dave Werstine
The Salvation Army in Phoenix partners with law enforcement to make their community safer through understanding and prayer.

Minimizing the split | By Jennifer Kunst, Dr.
How to really hear someone in a time of polarization  

Salvation Army helps battle San Diego’s Hepatitis A outbreak | By Alma Bahman
Vaccination clinics, hand-washing stations and outreach events are part of a coordinated effort to contain the deadly disease.

Called to community | By Brian Saunders, Major
How do we approach appearance and confidence, and what kinds of attitudes about beauty do we pass on to our children?

Cooking our way to understanding | By Vivian Gatica
Why food is one of the best ways to teach kids about culture.

Can we train for compassion? | By Hillary Jackson
New research says yes, through meditation.   

Providing counsel, preventing secondary trauma | By Caitlin Johnston
It’s important to deal with grief and pain—even when they’re not your own.

Taking a crack at the opioid crisis
The Salvation Army and HealthSource chiropractic franchise partner to raise awareness of natural alternatives to opioids.