Salvationist Victim at Port Arthur

TASMANIA, Australia–Among the 35 victims of the recent Port Arthur massacre was Tony Kistan, 51, a soldier of the Dulwich Hill Temple Corps in Sydney, New South Wales.

Kistan and his wife, Sarah, were on holiday when the killings occurred. As the shooting started Tony stood up, pushed Sarah out of the way, and sustained fatal injuries. He died in Sarah’s arms, saying “I’m going to be with the Lord.” Those dying words have been published in many Australian newspapers.

Salvationists and friends have been involved in many aspects of relief work. Officers and soldiers from the Australia Eastern Territory arrived in Hobart the day after the massacre to assist with counseling. They were joined by a counseling team from the Australia Southern Territory.

Captain Stuart Hamilton, divisional youth secretary, joined lay Salvationists in spending hours at the site of the siege, feeding the police officers and forensic personnel as they searched the ruins of the house that was destroyed by fire.

Captain Barry Casey, divisional secretary and public relations secretary, Tasmania, was interviewed on national television and many radio stations around the country and overseas.

He has also been involved in body identification with families who needed support. Seven days after the incident, Casey conducted a brief memorial service outside the Broad Arrow Cafe, the site where 20 people were killed.

Lt. Gary Grant, commanding officer of Cariton Corps in the local district, participated in a memorial service held for local folk in the old ruins of the Port Arthur church.

–From IHQ News
reported by Captain Brad Halse

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