Salvation Army now working in 122 countries around the globe

As of Jan. 1, 2011, The Salvation Army will officially be at work in 122 countries as it commences work on the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The area consists of 40 islands and cays (low banks of reef, rock or sand), eight of which are inhabited. The islands are located to the east of Cuba and the island of Hispaniola, which is split between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The Army has had a presence in the islands since 2007, under the supervision of the Caribbean Territory. There has been a developing expression of social service, and local relationships have been steadily developed. Captains Matthew and Rebecca Trayler, officers of the USA Southern Territory, were appointed as Development Officers for the Turks and Caicos Islands in 2008 and have been resident there for some time. A number of mission teams visited the islands in recent months, stimulating the development of evangelistic outreach in the islands, through visits to schools, open-air meetings, etc.

A local lawyer donated the use of premises for Sunday worship and there is a positive response to meetings that are being held.

The General asks Salvationists around the world to pray for God’s continuing blessing upon this new outreach.

In Jesus’ name…I’ll fight!

In Jesus’ name…I’ll fight!

Salvation Army youth worldwide participate in I’ll Fight Day

Bands always play better with new shirts

Bands always play better with new shirts

Bands always play better with new shirts The Salvation Army Pomona Corps

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