General Brian Peddle with Commissioner Rosalie Peddle

Salvation Army International leaders visit India Western Territory

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During their visit to the India Western Territory, General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World President of Women’s Ministries) challenged and encouraged Salvationists and friends from Gujurat and Maharashtra, while gaining first-hand experience of the challenges facing The Salvation Army in these regions of India.

Each of these two regions of India has its own language, so the international leaders participated in similar events in order to reach the maximum number of people and ensure they understood the gospel message.

As the General and Commissioner Peddle travelled around the territory, their reception included cultural dances and traditional welcome expressions like shawls, paghadi or safa turbans and flowers.

Officers in both states spent time in councils with the international leaders. During these meetings, the General addressed his officers and encouraged them to respond appropriately to his Call to Mission.

General Peddle speaking in front of large group

In India, one area of Salvation Army ministry is medical services. The Peddles visited Emery Hospital (Anand) and Evangeline Booth Hospital (Ahmednegar), meeting with staff, touring the facilities and dedicating a new X-ray machine and other new equipment to the glory of God and the service of humanity.

During visits to both training colleges, the international leaders brought words of encouragement and affirmation to the cadets. Youth rallies were filled with vibrant young people committed to living out their faith as soldiers in The Salvation Army, and public meetings allowed thousands of people to join together for worship. Many people responded to God’s Word, moving forward for prayer.

During the visit, the Peddles witnessed examples of extreme poverty in India. Toward the trip’s conclusion, the General tweeted: “This morning I watched as a street child washed her face with a bottle of unclear water and a piece of used cloth. I am still jolted by this image.”

While there was much to celebrate during this visit, it was clear there is still a real need for the ministry of The Salvation Army today.

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