Salvation Army in Paraguay celebrates 100 years

God’s work continues to develop in this South American country.

Salvationists parade through the streets of Asuncion, Paraguay. (Photo courtesy of International Headquarters)

The Salvation Army in Paraguay recently observed its centennial, with celebrations that both looked to the future and recalled significant past achievements in this country of limited resources, political turmoil and economic difficulties.

The celebrations took place in the capital city of Asuncion and included the presentation of the first Salvation Army red shield translated into Guarani, the native language of Paraguay, and one of their two official languages, with Spanish.

Guest leaders for the weekend were Colonel Susan McMillan, territorial commander of the South America East Territory—which includes Paraguay—and Lt. Colonels Ricardo and Sonia Bouzigues, chief secretary and territorial secretary for women’s ministries.

In 1910, the Salvation Army ministry in Paraguay began when the territorial commander of the then South America Territory sent Captain Thomas Frisch, with his wife, Eliza, to begin the work in Asuncion.

Before the celebration, Major Thore Paulsen, district officer for Paraguay, contacted Captain Frisch’s grandchildren, now living in Montevideo, Uruguay. Thus, Pastor Diego Frisch and his wife, Ruth, represented the Frisch family in the celebrations. The Salvation Army presented Pastor Frisch with a special Bible, with the Army shield in Guarani on the cover.

The celebration included an open air, with hundreds of Salvationists marching through the streets of central Asuncion to the main square for a concert. The Saturday evening festival included music representing all the Paraguayan corps. The Sunday morning united holiness meeting featured the enrollment of 12 senior soldiers and 34 junior soldiers. After McMillan’s message, the mercy seat filled with people. Salvation Army international news

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