Salvation Army General issues Christmas address

Video message focuses on truth in 2017.

In a world grappling with “fake news” and “alternative facts,” truth is the theme of this year’s Christmas message from the international leader of The Salvation Army, General André Cox.

In a video address, he encourages viewers to reflect on “a truth that is more than abstract concept, a truth that is real and alive, embodied in Jesus.”

Conceding that it can be difficult to distinguish truth in the “confusion of the 21st century,” the General encourages Salvationists and friends to “hold fast to this absolute truth [of] the baby Jesus whom we contemplate at Christmas … [who] grew up and made a bold claim when he declared, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life.’”

The message also includes a challenge at the end of a year of intentional gospel outreach and community service across The Salvation Army – The Whole World Mobilising. “How many people have you shared the Truth with?” asks the General. “Friends, we’re not done yet. We must be courageous and diligent in proclaiming that which we know to be not just true, but also life-changing!”

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