SA reorganizes Iraq relief work as June 30 approaches

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by Pat Kiddoo, Major – 


MAJOR CEDRIC HILLS speaks to Iraqi students in a science class.

The Salvation Army has been operational in Iraq since April 2003 and has played a major role in the recovery of Al Amarah since August 2003.

Completed projects include refurbishing three clinics and over 40 schools, providing vocational skills training and education opportunities for hundreds of school children, installing street lighting, and undertaking many other construction activities that have improved the community water and sanitation systems.

In partnership with other organizations, the Army has assisted with distributions of large quantities of humanitarian supplies and the refurbishment of children’s playgrounds.

Determined to press ahead with its successful recovery program even after the international team was withdrawn from Amarah in early April, 2004, the local 20-person Iraqi team continues to carry on the operations.

Over the past few weeks Muntajeb, chief of the Iraqi team, has been busy forming an Iraqi non-governmental organization. Choosing to call themselves the Iraq Salvation Organization (ISO), they are keen to take an even more active role in future projects, building on the good work of their parent organization, The Salvation Army. Major Cedric Hills, IHQ’s Emergency Services Coordinator says, “Future projects will increasingly promote ISO as an implementing partner, eventually allowing a seamless exit of The Salvation Army’s Emergency Services team.”

For the present, on-going management of the program will be undertaken from Kuwait by New Zealand officers, Captains Bruce and Pauline Coffey.

The Iraqi staff, friends to the many expatriates involved in the program to date, continually express their appreciation for all that is being done to help the people of Iraq.

Many view the June 30 deadline for turning over the governance of the country with a great deal of trepidation. They fear the worst, so we, the caring and committed, are challenged to undertake frequent, fervent prayer for those who face these uncertainties.

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