Rader Sets Worldwide Prayer Date

Salvationists Urged to Pray for A Desperate World

General Paul Rader

(Ed. note: In response to the General’s call to prayer, Salvationists in every territory and command throughout the world will join in prayer on Sunday, May 18, 1997.)

To praying Salvationists everywhere:

Nothing binds us together more closely than our global participation in prayer–but not just for the joy of fellowship, the sense of seizing together the golden chain of prayer that encircles the globe on our International Day of Prayer. That has great meaning for us. But there is more.

There are specific needs coming from territories and commands on every continent, requiring our united and urgent intercession. (See prayer requests that follow.) As we agree in prayer, heaven’s thunder rolls and God acts into our history by his mighty power to fulfill for us his purposes of love and redemption. When together we are moved by his Holy Spirit to prayer, it is God who is allowing us the privilege of participation with him in the working out of his will on earth as it is in heaven.

This means war. The enemy does not take kindly to concerted prayer. He will go to great lengths to destroy the fellowship and stifle the voice of prayer. We must resist him. We must pray together, alertly, personally, practically and in a spirit of grateful praise (Colossians 4:2-4, NIV). God will act. The Army will advance. Jesus Christ will be praised! Then let us meet at the mercy seat on 18 May and see what God will do for us.

Please pray for the following needs on the General’s Day of Prayer:

Argentina: For the new officers in Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires); that every corps may become financially independent; for more candidates to officership.

Australia Eastern: Increased interest in Bible study and prayer; development of leadership among youth; training of soldiers and volunteers for community service.

Australia Southern: For the development of a growth culture within the territory among all soldiers.

Belgium: New corps openings at Nivelles and Mechelen; more officer personnel for social institutions.

Brazil: For the spiritual and numerical growth of the work in Brazil, including the opening of the new corps; for the expansion of the radio ministry to embrace the entire country.

Canada & Bermuda: God’s direction in determining places for planting new corps and social services; that God will provide skilled and dedicated leadership for the 21st century.

Caribbean & Latin America: For new openings of the work and a vision and passion for pioneering; vibrant and committed local officers in each corps/outpost; breakthrough in growth, relevance and sustainability and as an outcome of the work of the Latin America and Caribbean Strategy Commission.

Denmark: More Salvationists and officers committed to soul-saving; the need for a deeper understanding of both financial and soul-saving responsibilities by Salvationists.

Finland: The work of The Salvation Army in Estonia; for new soldiers, recruits and the need for a permanent hall; the young people’s work.

Germany: That Salvationists be encouraged to deepen their experience of holiness; the further integration of (former) East and West Germany.

Hungary: Recruitment of native Salvationists as co-workers and officers to develop the work of The Salvation Army in Hungary.

India South Western: The spiritual growth of the soldiers of the territory; the plight of the Christian Dalits, who are the victims of discrimination; that their grievances will be redressed by both central and state government.

India Western Territory: Spiritual renewal throughout the territory; increased understanding of biblical giving by soldiers towards corps financial self-support.

The Netherlands: At least 10 candidates for officership needed each year; a need for people to accept the challenge to finance and develop new work in corps and social activities.

New Zealand and Fiji: A willingness for quality young men and women to hear and obey God’s calling to officership; the translation of Salvation Army publications into the Tongan language; the continued movement of God upon women’s ministries in Fiji.

Norway, Iceland and the Faeroes: For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s renewing power on the corps officers, soldiers and adherents.

Russia: For the 17 cadets from Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea, Moldova and Russia currently in training in Moscow; for the new corps in Dubisari, Independent Republic of Transnestria, where permission has been refused for public meetings; for more reinforcement and officer/lay personnel–16 possible new corps openings have been identified.

Rwanda: The unaccompanied and deserted children in Rwanda; peace in the Great Lakes Region of Rwanda, Zaire and Burundi.

Spain: The new officer training school program in Spain; good follow-up on recent church growth seminars.

Sweden and Latvia: That Jesus Christ may be glorified through his Army by every individual soldier so that they will be more effective in winning people to Christ.

Switzerland: Opening of new corps in the outskirts of bigger cities and untouched areas; projects for unemployed people and those affected by poverty.

United Kingdom: For the territory to pray and believe for the addition of 2,500 soldiers to our rolls during 1997 as part of the territory’s commitment to the “Million into the Millennium” campaign; for the implementation of an effective cross-cultural emphasis, particularly in connection with our inner city ministry; for the territory to forsake those practices which are outdated and ineffective in order to provide stimulation for new and effective ministries for mission.

USA Central: Vision for corps planting across racial, cultural and language barriers; spiritual bridge building between corps and social programming.

USA Eastern: Candidate recruitment; new corps openings; greater focus on mission.

USA Southern: Success in reaching the goal of 1,000,000 in attendance in Sunday school for the territory in 1997; God’s blessing upon the many cross-cultural ministries within the territory.

USA Western: The spread of the gospel among native Americans; the development and recruitment of cross-cultural leadership; a burning hunger among Salvationists for winning lost souls to Christ.

Zambia & Malawi: For continued political stability that will enable the Army’s work to expand; for openness and honesty to recognize that family members are dying of AIDS.

Zaire & Angola: The unity of Salvationists in their aim to win souls through open air witness and door to door visits; confirmation of vision and vocation among God’s people to stand up to the growth of many sects and the spread of strange doctrines.

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