Oregon teen experiences journey of faith

by Justin Docherty – 

If anyone had any doubts God performs miracles today, then a brief look at Ashley McCaw’s life should lead them to seriously reconsider. At age 15, her joy, service and testimony of faith are an inspiration and an encouragement to young and old alike in her home corps of Portland Tabernacle. She doesn’t just know about Jesus Christ, she has experienced his grace, love and power in a deep way.

“Having the Lord in my life makes a BIG difference,” she says. After a close family member was admitted into intensive care and nearly died, Ashley experienced the power of faith and prayer at work. It was a very trying time for her but it brought her much closer to the Lord, and gave her a deeper appreciation for the corps family.

“I grew up in that church, and everyone…cares a whole lot about me. I feel like I have a huge big family tree that never ends.”

Ashley also feels that the corps is a refuge from the craziness of the world, and that it helps keep her strong in her relationship with Christ.

“Attending the corps gives me encouragement to keep going, and that it will be ‘okay,’” that there is still hope. It’s like a vacation, to get away from all the bad things in the world,” she says. “I love it.”

It was a real testimony to the faithfulness and goodness of God when Ashley was recently enrolled as a senior soldier. All the corps family were present and proud, not least her Aunt Angel, the family member whom she had prayed so hard for, and who had made a full recovery.

Much more could be said about Ashley’s story and journey of faith. But even a brief look at her life reveals that miracles still do happen and that God guides his children from trouble to triumph.


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