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NAOC—Quotes and comments

by Robert Docter, Editor-In-Chief –

The National Advisory Organizations Conference held in Dallas last month has received almost universal praise as an inspiring, instructive and informative event. No one went home without pondering some key questions, thinking about some significant conclusions, and feeling motivated to examine and bolster programs at home.
This is probably attributable to the quality of the plenary session speakers, the workshop presentations, and the overall organization and hosting by the Jones family.
Here of some of the more memorable quotes I picked up at Dallas.

Commissioner Israel L. GaitherWhen The
Salvation Army speaks, America listens.

This is not a boast—it’s a fact. I was delighted to hear this reality from the National Commander. We need to speak out more on distinctly moral issues. I’m not sure why we are trusted by so many so often. Our judgments on speaking need to be rational, non-political, explained and delivered by a single voice.

Pastor Rick WarrenNever confuse significance with prominence. There
are far more celebrities than there are heroes. Heroes sacrifice themselves on
behalf of others.

Sometimes, I have tended to do this—to see very visible people as significant because they attract considerable attention. The danger, here, is that those who see prominence and significance as synonymous begin so see prominence as a means to becoming significant. Sometimes highly significant people are ignored within the cacophony of insignificance projected by those seeking prominence.

Jerry JonesIf you align passion with purpose and goals, you’ll be

Often, we find ourselves striving so forcefully to reach the goal that, if the passion factor is not present, we easily forget what the goal is or why we wanted to move in that direction. Then our effort is a meaningless spinning of wheels.

Commissioner Israel L. GaitherThis is a time for big, new ideas for a
big God.

I’ve long believed that about 95 percent of the human race operates on about 11 percent of their potential. We tend to think “small.” We limit ourselves to whatever light may emerge from the darkness of our self-inflicted negativity.

Jim CollinsThe signature characteristic of leaders of Fortune 500
companies that went from “good” to “great” was humility combined with
will for a cause. Humility and will combined is a very powerful package.

Since Dallas I have asked many what they assumed were the most important characteristics of successful leaders. None of them came up with humility combined with will.

Jim CollinsFor building momentum, the key is consistency over time.
I have noticed a few things about you folks. I have noticed that over time
there has been clarity not only about what to do, but what not to do.

This is absolutely true. Consistency is one of the guiding words of my life. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t change. We need to figure out what must change and what doesn’t need to change—to hang on to the essentials and have relevant flexibility on the non-essentials.

Jim CollinsEach time you add to your ‘to-do’ list you need to add
something to your ‘stop-doing’ list. Notice that the mission statement itself
contains a statement of what not to do—‘without discrimination.’

We will not discriminate who receives our service based on their faith or on
their background or their circumstance. We will not take sides during war.
We will not become the tool of any political party or politicized issue. We will
not make the needy come to us. We will go to them. We will not compromise
our theological mission for the sake of funding.

Pastor Rick WarrenI love The Salvation Army. As a young minister I
read The General Next to God, and it shaped my ministry.

Jerry JonesWhen I think of The Salvation Army I think of Troy Aikman
with the ball close to the end zone with the clock running out. His tight end
struggles through heavy traffic to break free. He clears, turns to look back,
and the ball is there—in his arms.

Back in the huddle he says to Aikman: “Why did you throw that to me?”

Aikman replied: “Because I knew you would be there.”

That’s what America knows about The Salvation Army.

We’re kind of like the crisis teams of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces units. We’ll be there for anyone at any time. We are a very thin blue line in the face of human disasters. We need more helpers.

Pastor Rick WarrenIf you want God’s blessing, you must care about
what he cares about most. He wants his lost children found. There are no
illegitimate children—only some illegitimate parents. We are created in
God’s image—and God is love.

Now—I want to teach you the most dangerous prayer there is. It’s only two
words long—‘Use me.

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