Nicaragua: 120th country for The Salvation Army

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General Shaw Clifton has announced his approval of the official opening of The Salvation Army’s work in Nicaragua, as of March 1, 2010, making it the 120th country in which the Army is officially at work.

Previous attempts to establish the work in Nicaragua were short lived (1980-1981) due to civil conflict within the country. In 2005, however, with the regime being more open to the presence of Christian organizations within the country, the Latin America North Territory sought permission to begin exploring the possibility of recommencing operations there.

Government meetings took place at the beginning of 2008, with a view to establishing the Army’s legal presence in Nicaragua. Several months passed while officials worked out the various legal requirements in connection with The Salvation Army’s registration in the country.

Majors Enrique and Ana Molina, Costa Rican officers, have been appointed to lead the new work. Until their residency application is complete, Major Max Mayorga, territorial social secretary in the Latin America North Territory—and Nicaraguan by birth—has power of attorney to act for Majors Molina and on behalf of The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army is in good standing with the Nicaraguan authorities and prospects for the future development of its work are positive.

Prayers are asked for God’s continued blessing upon this new ministry, and upon those who will lead it.

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