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 By Bob Bearchell – 

The National Emergency Disaster Service Conference, April 16-18 in Canton, Ohio, is a “must” for disaster services personnel and volunteers, advisory organization volunteers, and officers. Workshops will include enhancing service delivery, creating and improving resources, media/public information programming, and incident management.



Recently a young man from the East Coast read on the Salvation Army Internet page an account of the Army’s disaster relief response following the Oregon flooding. He requested further information and asked to be included on the New Frontier mailing list. Donations have also been received and volunteers obtained as the result of Internet publicity about the Army’s multi-faceted ministry around the world.



Sophie Hoffman was recently honored as the Volunteer of the Month in San Francisco. Sophie is a long time member of the S.F. Harbor Light Advisory Council and currently the vice president of that city’s Advisory Board. She has given and raised thousands of dollars for various S.A. projects during her 22 years of association with the Army. Sophie, what would we do without people like you!



The newly established Camp Advisory Council recently held its first Annual Dinner at Mt. Crags and Camp Gilmore in Malibu, Calif. Chairman Phil Stolberg welcomed the group of 19 members. With the challenges, expectations and hopes within the camp ministry as the 21st Century approaches, this enthusiastic and motivated group of individuals will lead the way to a bright future.



The Army’s Service Center in Susanville, Calif., has lost its first director, Judith Ernaga, after several years of numerous health problems. Under her guidance, since 1978 it has grown into a community social service center. The program includes a successful thrift store, a food cupboard, a clothes exchange program, a “clearing house’ for social services information, and is a key link in providing services to families of inmates at two California State Prisons in the area.

According to Lassen County Supervisor Jim Chapman, “We lost one of the biggest community angels any town could have.”




Video Visitation is a beginning link for many prisoners to reach out to their families while still behind bars. Communication aids the passing of time, the planning for the future, and the health of the relationships between spouse, children, and friends. Envoy Sherry L. Potter, Northwest Division’s correctional services officer, who coordinates this innovative program with the chaplains, says the prisoners perform music, display artwork, read to their children, and unleash burdens of guilt.



…1997 Western Congress

The time is fast approaching when General and Mrs. Paul A. (Kay) Rader will lead the next Territorial Congress, June 1997, to be held in Long Beach. The Congress planning committee, under the leadership of Chief Secretary Colonel Dennis Phillips, has gotten off to a fine start. New Frontier will be supplying even more reasons why this is an event not to be missed.

…Burger Becomes CPA

Congratulations to Major Kurt Burger, Northwest Divisional general secretary, who is now a Certified Public Accountant.


“A Clean Greeley for Tomorrow!”

That’s their slogan, says Lieutenant Kris Potter, energetic corps officer in Greeley, Colo. The Army has entered into multiple “trust-based” relationships in the community, cooperating with local evangelical churches in “Random Acts of Kindness.” For instance, they are taking on graffiti and trash issues in the downtown area. We will be hearing more about the new facility, since its recent groundbreaking. Good for Greeley!



Major Donna Jackson, says a heartfelt “Thank you!” to the many readers who assured her of their prayers in her recent health emergency. “How grateful I am for them, and for our gracious God who has given daily strength and healing…I need no further treatment at this time.” Jackson has returned to work at the C. F. O. T. Let’s all praise God for this recovery!



The family of Major Eleanor Ferguson (R) express their appreciation for all the remembrances and memorial gifts to the Ferguson Trust at the CFOT. They take strength and comfort in the fact that others who were touched by her life and presence have thoughtfully and lovingly contacted them.


Kauluwela Sr. Day Care

Kauluwela Sr. Day Care

    Nominated for National Award HELPING HAND This stroke victim gets

Clinton Responds to Aid Request By Love

Clinton Responds to Aid Request By Love

            ONSITE President Bill Clinton speaks with Captain Bill Jaynes

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