New Chief of the Staff looks ahead

By Brian Peddle, Commissioner –

Rosalie and I have been officers for nearly four decades and still we are confronted by “God Surprises.” These come in the form of opportunities to lead, serve and engage in kingdom work through this “God raised up Army.” Our testimony is centered in a covenant of officership that is birthed in a framework of faithful obedience, in which the greatest constant is God’s faithfulness.

This next chapter of our journey as the Chief of the Staff and the World Secretary of Women’s Ministries, respectively, must be viewed through that lens—our obedient faith and God’s faithfulness. We have concluded that, given the scope of the task, its daily impact on the international Salvation Army and the needed support for the General’s initiatives, this must be our declared approach. When Salvationists pray for us, they must pray that this reality be our experience.

One of the exciting aspects of our new appointments will be throwing ourselves into supporting international leaders General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox in their global vision for The Salvation Army, which is now serving in 127 countries. We are already champions of the General’s dream, the accountability movement as well as other important and sensitive agendas. We now get to do that from a position that is geared and created for that very reason.

I have been convinced for a very long time that the Army around the world is at its very best and in harmony with God’s intent, when we are serving. I am inspired beyond understandable explanation when the gospel is preached and souls are brought into the kingdom, when we stand in the gap with sleeves rolled up, when we help build capacity where resources are few, when I see fellow Salvationists do so much with so little and when God calls hundreds to serve through the Army. I conclude there is an abundance of evidence pointing to the fact that God is not finished with us yet and that his hand of blessing is upon us. We must strive to be fit for purpose…to serve this present age.

If I could be personal for a moment and share my heart I would want readers to know:

  • I am a first generation Salvationist and I love the Army, simply because God loves the Army. I see a divine dimension in what we do as a part of the body of Christ carrying out his mission in the world…that none should perish.

  • I wish that every Salvationist would live their lives with such a God consciousness, that the whole world would know who we are and to whom we belong.

  • I hope we will not turn down the volume on our message of truth, grace and redemption, our shouting for justice in the world, our cry for reconciliation within our Army family, our demand for freedom for all who are enslaved, and that we stand together to fight a common enemy.

  • I pray for unreserved loyalty to our intended purpose, designed by the Almighty with our unique DNA, that will not waver or conform, despite the desire of some.

I would ask Salvationists to refrain from longing for the “good old days” and recognize that in our midst, God is doing a new thing. Like a mighty Army, rise up and embrace his intention for us. Discover again what it means “to walk the world in white” by pulling Christ back from the margins of life to be at the very center.

I respectfully ask for your prayers for General and Commissioner Cox, for us and for our Army.


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