Sharing the Good News

Salvationists from across the country gather every August at the beautiful Glen Eyrie Conference Center in Colorado Springs to attend the Army’s National Seminar on Evangelism. Now in its 36th year, the seminar is designed to train soldiers and officers in effective and innovative ways of sharing the gospel. This year, 160 delegates gathered for the seven-day event, studying adult, teen and child evangelism through intensive training and a full day in the field.

“Several of the participants referred to this conference as the ‘Brengle Institute for officers and soldiers,’” stated Territorial Community Care Ministries & Women’s Auxiliary Secretary Major Ivy Hood, who, along with her husband, Secretary for Personnel Major Ralph Hood, attended the seminar and taught classes. “In united meetings, classes, and the preparation of individual action plans, we were challenged to remember that our mission is to lead the unsaved to Christ and to disciple people in their Christian walk. There was a wonderful spirit of unity and purpose,” Hood said.

Warren Johnson, Tustin Ranch Corps soldier, was chosen as the layperson’s night guest speaker and commented on the value of the seminar: “There is a refreshing trend in the future of this event––officer delegates are wisely introducing this wonderful experience to young adults within their corps and within our territory. The spiritual and physical growth of the Army will depend on the conviction and dedication of our young people boldly sharing their faith in creative ways.”

Delegates ventured out in teams to Colorado Springs, Fountain Valley and Pueblo to apply what they had learned during the week. Their visits included the Colorado Springs ARC, Silvercrest, a local downtown park, the Colorado Springs Corps Family Fun Fest and door-to-door canvassing. “People are glad to know someone cares,” said Torrance Corps delegate, Matt Bingham. Over 400 contacts were made and 66 individuals received Christ as a result of this team effort.


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