Ministry in Italy


The challenges and rewards of serving in Italy.

by Debora Wong – 

My husband and I love our ministry here! We each have our own appointment. When you are in a small command headquarters—like in a small corps—you have to do many other things. This is why we joyfully share our ministry with the few officers in Rome, including our officers commanding. We function as a team, especially when involved in special projects, or even routine office work.

The challenges can be frustrating at times, but the rewards are many: personally, as we build beautiful relationships with the many people who surround the Army and its work, and spiritually, as we see the various corps developing and the people growing in the Lord.

Being in Rome is wonderful. Officers and other Salvationists from around the world come to the city for holidays, and sometimes they drop into our Sunday worship meeting. This gives us a real sense of the international Army.
Just now we are working on being recognized by the government as a church. The Salvation Army here is small in numbers compared to many other churches and organizations. Please pray for the work in Italy, that God will continually renew our vision and our strength. Especially remember the youth and the meaningful life decisions that were made at the recent national youth congress.

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