Members of the International Spiritual Life Commission

International Spiritial Life Commission

INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL LIFE COMMISSION–A commission appointed by the General and composed of officers and soldiers met over a two year period to examine the spiritual life of the Army.

The following officers and soldiers were appointed by the General to serve as members of the International Spiritual Life Commission:

Lt. Colonel Robert Street (Chairman), Lt. Colonel Earl Robinson (Secretary), Lt. Colonel Linda Bond, Captain Teofilo Chagas, Commissioner Doreen Edwards, Dr. Roger Green, Lt. Colonel Margaret Hay, Miss Susan Harris, CSM Warren Johnson, Lt. Colonel David Lofgren, Colonel Emmanuel Miaglia, Lt. Colonel Stuart Mungate, Colonel Phil Needham, Major Lyell Rader, Captain John Read, Captain Oscar Sanchez, and Major N. M. Vijayalakshmi.

Corresponding members who also attended some of the Commission’s deliberations were: Commissioner Ian Cutmore (former Chairman), Colonel Shaw Clifton, Major Ian Barr and Envoy William van Graan.

Other corresponding members who assisted: Lt. Colonel David Kim, Chong-won, Colonel Douglas Davis, Commissioner Peter Chang and Recruiting Sergeant John Bayliss.

The Commission met for five separate weeks.

Commission Comments:

“It was amazing how God brought the members together from different countries, background, age and levels of spiritual maturity and bonded us together in unity of purpose. We learned to respect each other’s views and to work through issues as we prayed constantly for God’s guidance and revelation. More than anything else we recognized that we were handling holy things, and this was not taken lightly as we sense God’s presence in a most wonderful and marvellous way.”

–Commissioner Doreen Edwards
Western Territory

“My service on the International Spiritual Life Commission is undoubtedly one of the rarest of privileges in this soldier’s life…I am thoroughly convinced that the Army must and can make a strong contribution to the Church. And that on a personal level, every senior and junior soldier; every adherent; every officer has a sacred responsibility to contribute to the physical and spiritual growth of this great movement, to the glory of God and for the extension of his Kingdom.”

–Warren C. Johnson
Tustin Ranch Corps

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