McSherry Assesses Taiwan Quake Needs

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In response to the recent devastating earthquake in Taiwan, The Salvation Army dispatched Tom McSherry, Western emergency and disaster services coordinator, to the area. An experienced disaster response specialist, McSherry was in Taiwan soon after the quake hit.

The International Emergency Services office indicates The Salvation Army in Japan and Hong Kong have provided significant assistance in the aftermath of the disaster; but the time has come to move into a new phase of relief work.

McSherry assisted Major Dennis Rowe, the Army’s Regional Commander for Taiwan, in establishing these next phases of services beyond the initial emergency response.

The Army pioneered a presence in Taiwan in 1928, then re-established work there in 1965.

Monetary donations marked “Taiwan Earthquake” may be sent to local Salvation Army units for processing to the disaster region.

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Students Come on Board

Students Come on Board

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