M2K Council-TERLOC to Meet

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Ownership, Assessment Issues on Agenda

by Robert Docter – 

In a significant attempt to guarantee continuing ownership of MISSION2000 goals by officers and soldiers of the territory and to begin the process of looking beyond the year 2000, Commissioner David Edwards will convene the MISSION2000 Expansion Council in conjunction with the Territorial Laymen’s and Officer’s Council at territorial headquarters on October 31. This will be the first time the two groups will have met jointly for purposes of assessing the territory’s progress toward MISSION2000 goals and beyond.

“MISSION2000, with its great vision for growth, has been a priority to the territory since it was introduced by General Paul Rader in 1991,” Edwards stated in a letter of invitation to the two councils. “It is my priority as well. We must not only successfully complete the goals of MISSION2000, but also begin the process of visioning that will take our territory into the next millennium.”

The councils will examine what is working and what is not working in relation to the MISSION2000 effort. They will explore what has been emphasized, and what needs additional emphasis with creative “brainstorming” on possible new strategies such as evangelism, discipleship, worship renewal, corps revitalization and leadership recruitment and development.

Five committees will be organized: The Spiritual Life Committee, (to explore the impact of MISSION2000 on the spiritual life of the territory); a Personnel Committee, (to examine the degree personnel issues affected the progress of the campaign); a Worship Committee, (to examine the lessons of varying worship styles); an Identity Committee (to examine the impact MISSION2000 has had on Salvationists; perceptions of the Army, its reason for being, its place in the Church, and its strategies for mission); and a Corps Development Committee, (to examine the lessons of corps planting and revitalization)

Assisting the process will be the consulting firm of J. David Schmidt and Associates of Wheaton, Illinois. Schmidt has already made presentations to the Territorial Executive Council at their recent meeting this month and has provided consultation to the Eastern Territory on matters pertaining to research and strategic planning The Schmidt firm has been active in providing management, training and research services to a number of denominations as they have confronted the reality of change. To assure Edwards’ mandate for ownership, Schmidt and the territory will undertake a major survey of officers and soldiers early in 1998.

Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock, program secretary, states, “Leadership is increasing its active listening by means of reconvening the council, undertaking the survey and planning additional dialogue opportunities in the visioning process.”

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