London Salvationists put people first

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The Salvation Army takes part in Put People First march in Central London.

On March 28, Salvation Army members and volunteers joined an estimated 40,000 campaigners taking part in the Put People First march in Central London.

Put People First is a global campaign to challenge the G20, ahead of their April 2 summit meeting in London on the global financial crisis.

Commissioner Betty Matear, Salvation Army leader and Moderator of the Free Churches, participated in a Put People First church service at Westminster Central Hall. She acknowledged that as a nation Great Britain has “pursued wealth at the expense of the poor and misused power.” She prayed, “Make us good stewards of your creation.”

Prior to the march, Matear said: “The church service and the march through London are a perfect opportunity to ask members of the G20 to consider the well-being of the world’s most vulnerable people.”

As a Christian church and charity committed to meet human need and to work for social justice, it is right that The Salvation Army is here joining with the voices of many others to call for action on poverty and climate change.”

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