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Letters to the Editor

The Passion of The Christ
Much has been said both in opposition and in favor of Mel Gibson’s new film, The Passion of The Christ, so I decided to see it for myself.

After viewing this powerful presentation of the gospel, I did not come away hating anyone or traumatized.  Instead, I came away refreshed in my faith, loving my savior more, and thanking my heavenly Father for his awesome love for me, a sinner.

While it is true that the torture scenes were cruel, intense, painful and graphic, they only captured a small part of the humiliating agony our innocent Savior endured on our behalf.

Like many others I left the theater with a renewed sense of commitment to my Lord Jesus Christ, a greater understanding of, “by his stripes we were healed,” the meaning of, “this is my body, and this is my blood…” and a heart filled with genuine gratitude.
David R. Manriquez, Envoy
Cathedral City Corps
Cathedral City, CA

Thought-provoking article

Through God’s providence, I have been introduced to your New Frontier magazine. This was primarily through your website.

The article by Lt. Colonel Donald Bell in your Jan. 30 issue about “How do we attract people to the Army?” was particularly thought-provoking. It’s one that we as Christians and members of any evangelical church should be asking regularly. Rephrased the question is, “How do we attract people to Christ?” I would like to share this article with others in my church.

As I visit other websites, from the Wall Street Journal to Discipleship Journal, they often have buttons to either print out a “printer-friendly” version of the article and/or to e-mail the articles to others. Has New Frontier considered these options to spread the word for your website?
Charlie Hunsaker
Malvern, PA
(Ed. note: Yes, we will be having a “printer-friendly” version in the near future. Stay tuned.)

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